Tuesday, October 26, 2021

ODI 12c - CKM with Flow control and Static control and Recycle errors

Here, we will show the setups required for Flow control , Static control and Recycle errors.

Brief steps:

1. Create a Primary key constraint on target data store.

2. Create a map and Select flow or static or recycle errors option

Flow diagram for LKM, IKM,CKM:

Implementation steps:

Step1: open the target data store constraints and control tab to checj if there is any duplicate rows.

Step2: Create  a new map and prividd LKM, IKM and Flow control as False and Statc control as true and run. You will see the the duplicate or null errors in E$_EMP table.

Step3: Now make Flow control also True

Step4: Now make Recycle errors as True

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