Friday, October 22, 2021

ODI 12c - Procedure and use options

Procedure in ODI:

  • A procedure in Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) consists of a series of commands executed in sequence. Commands contain code that can be executed by database engines, the operating system where the Agent is running, or directly by ODI. 
  • You can also define options in the procedure to control its behavior at run time. A very useful property of procedures is that they are reusable and can be inserted into packages. Thus, just as procedures comprise commands, a package can contain several procedures as steps.
  • You use procedures in a package or a scenario, or you can run them directly from the Designer Navigator.

Implementation Steps:

Step1: Designer -- Projects -- your project -- procedure -- new procedure

Step2: Define Procedure name, and source and target technology if needed.

Step3: Tasks -- Add new task

Step4: Created couple of tasks. For 1st task provide name

Step5: Target command -- select technolgy, context, logical schema, and command.

Step6: Need to provide source command if you want to select some fields.

Step7: Mention the same for remaining 2 commands

Step8: For this 3rd command, used source command to select the data from source emp table.

Step9: Assign the selected source fields in the target insert values using :fieldname

Step10: Save and run it.

Note: Select the Ignore Errors check box so that the procedure runs even if this command fails.

Step11: To use options, go to Options and add option

Step12: Added 3 options

Step13: Go to Tasks and option section and select the options to be used for a particular task.

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