Monday, May 2, 2022

VBCS - Call OIC Integration from Visual Builder Cloud Service

Use Case:

  • Create a Service connection of the OIC integration Rest service.
  • Create a Web application.
  • Create a web page and take input text or number as required and a button.
  • Create a Rest service request Type and variable.
  • Using the variable  fields map to the input text fields.
  • From the button event, we will call the OIC rest service and assign the above variable to feed the customer data.

Steps in detail:

Create a service connection

We can now test the created connection.

Create a web application

Drop Input text or Number and Button

Rename the input components.

Create a Type

Create a variable 

Map the variable fields to the input components

Create a event on button

Drop call rest component

Assign endpoint service.

Map the variable to body of the rest service.

Drop a Fire Notification

Provide needed info

Preview and provide field test info and click submit.

We can see test data successfully posted to OIC.

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