Tuesday, May 31, 2022

OIC - Export an Integration Using REST API | Rest API for Oracle Integration

Use Case: Here, we will see how to export an integration using Oracle provided REST APIs. We will export the integration and write to a FTP location.

Export Rest API:

Verb: GET

URI: /ic/api/integration/v1/integrations/{id}/archive

We can get all the Rest APIs in docs.oracle.com site under integrations section.


Steps(High Level):

  • Create 3 connections - Rest trigger , Rest OIC self connection and FTP connection.
  • Create an App driven orchestration and configure Rest trigger
  • Take REST OIC connection and configure Rest api call for Export. Choose response as binary and type as application/octet-stream.
  • Call FTP adapter , configure and map the export stream response to FTP location.

Steps with screenshots:

Create Rest OIC connection to call Export.

Create FTP connection 

Create Rest Trigger connection.

Create an app driven orchestration integration.

Configure  Rest Trigger
Request: Identifier and Version
Response: Status

Drag and drop Rest OIC connection and configure Export.

Map the Identifier and Version to Id

Id = Identifier%7CVersion

Call FTP connection and configure write operation with no Schema.

Map the Export Stream response to FTP write file reference.

Added the activities in a scope.

Save and add the tracking and activate


We can see .iar file exported successfully.

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