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OIC - Understand of FBDI properties file | How to create a .properties file | How to get properties values from ERP

Why we need Properties file?

In Oracle Cloud ERP, In order to import data in bulk using FBDI based integration, importBulkData operation of ERPIntegration Service is used . The entire load process includes following steps:

  1. Upload files to UCM
  2. Submit Load Interface file for import
  3. Submit respective import jobs

Now to submit import job along with parameters, a properties/manifest file is created and embedded within the FBDI zip(Dynamic way) or can be uploaded in UCM and reused(Static way).

Structure of .properties file:

<Import Job Package Name>,<Import Job Name>,<ZIP file prefix>,<Param1>,...<ParamN>


  1. Properites file must have .properties extension.
  2. All the fields in the .properties file should be comma separated
  3. Suppose you have zip file like, then the zip file prefix will be as "ImportJournal".

How to get Job Package name and import job name from ERP:

Go to Setup and Maintenance

Search with Manage Enterprise and select

Search with the import job name in the display name section >> select the job, here showing Import Payables Invoices >> Edit

See the Path(Job Package Name) and Name (Job Name).

Now the .properties file look as below:

/oracle/apps/ess/financials/payables/invoices/transactions/,APXIIMPT,<ZIP file prefix>,<Param1>,...<ParamN>

How to get all the Parameters of the properties file:

Go to Scheduled Processes

Click on Schedule new Process

Search with Import job name . Herr job name we use Import Payables Invoives.

Select Import Payables Invoices.

Click ok.


Refresh >> Select Impory Payables Invoices >> Expand Parameters >> take the values under all Parameter values.

Now the final .properties file looks like as below:

oracle/apps/ess/financials/payables/invoices/transactions/,APXIIMPT,ImportInvoice,#NULL,300000026XXX,"N",#NULL,#NULL,#NULL,1000,"INVOICE GATEWAY","TEST","N","N",30000000241XXX,#NULL,1

Where ImportInvoice is the Zip file prefix.

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