Tuesday, May 17, 2022

VBCS - Create Custom Javascript function in Visual Builder

Use Case: Here, we will create a Javascript function which will accept a name string as input and return concatenated greetings.

Javascript code:

PageModule.prototype.greetingsFunction = function(name) {

var result = "Hello " + name + ". Have a nice day !!";


High level Steps:

  • Create a javascript function code.
  • Take an input text (name) and a text area(greetings) and create 2 variables varName  and varGreetings and map them to the name and greetings element.
  • From name element >> create an event and call the javascript using call function and feed input with varNane and take the result and map back to grestings variable.

Steps with Screenshots:

Create a new web application

Take a input test (Name), divider, a text area(greetings)

Create 2 variables. varName and varGreetings.

Map the data variables with the Name and Greetings elements.

Select Name element >> events >> New event >> On Value

Drag and drop JS call function

Add the JS function code.

Map the varName to Function input name.

Take a assign and map the function result to varGreetings .

Go Live and test.

Provide name and tab any where on the page.

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