Thursday, February 24, 2022

OIC | Package Migration | Multiple Integration Migration

Here we will see how to do package migration from one instance to another instance.

To migrate mutiple integrations in a package, the integrations must be defined inside a package name. If we forget to put package name while creating the integration then we can give the package name after the integration development also.

Check below blog how to add the package name after the development:


Steps in detail:

To show it, I have created here two scheduled integrations and put same Package name as test.package.

Go to Packages

Select your package test.package and click export.

Click export and it will download the whole package of integrations as .par file.

Now Login to another Instance and  go to Packages to import.

Click Import.

Choose the .par file.

Click Import and configure.

In my case, there is no connections or library etc. If in real scenario, there is any connections etc that we need to configure here and then click back button "<" to come out of the window.

Now activate the integrations.

Package Migration done.

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