Wednesday, February 9, 2022

OIC - ERP Supplier bulk import and callback

Highlevel steps:

  • List the files using ftp connection
  • Use for each and each file ref 
    • Download the file
    • Read file in segments using source supplier file csv schema
    • Write the fbdi format file to stage location
    • Write a property file in the same stage location
    • Zip the files
    • Import the zip files as bulk import to cloud erp adpater.
  • Create another integration for callback and log or write the callback status and doc id.
What files you need to do the POC:
  • SupplierSource.csv
  • PozSuppliersInt.csv


Supplier import template: Click on SupplierImportTemplate.xlsm

Property file(


Steps with POC Screenshots :

ERP Scheduled Processes:

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