Wednesday, February 2, 2022

OCI - DB check Active sessions in Performance Hub

Suppose we have ADW database configured in OCI and We are running ODI load plans which contains multiple Package scenarios. Each scenario is inserting or marging data to configured ADW database. Sometimes the scenario is taking longer time like more than 2 or 3 hrs but not completing the process and got stuck. How we know that the particular process got stuck.  Using performance hub, we can easily track the sessions when it is active or idle. Based on the perfomace metrics, we can take further decision to kill the stuck process and restart the failed scenario again.

Steps to check performance hub:

Login to OCI console and navigate to Databases.

Click on Autonomous Data Warehouse

Choose compartment and select adw db

Click on performance tab or you can also go from Databse actions.

Performance page will open. It will show all the sessions time while idle or active. Got to SQL monitoring section and check all the running sqls.

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