Wednesday, February 9, 2022

ODI - How to read fixed length file and insert to db


  • Under Topology, 
    • Choose file technology
      • Create new data server or use existing one
        •  Under data server, create new physical server. Provide file directory 
        • Add context to logical schema.
  • Under Design, create a file model or use existing one
    • Create a new data store
      • Provide name, choose sample resource fixed length file
      • Under files, privide format as fixed and record separator as unix or ms dos as required.
      • Under attributes, reverse engineer. It will open Atribute setup wizard.
      • Now we can select the length of each field here just by clicking on the above and also see the field details in the side view.
      • Once done. Press ok and it will show all the columns and slect the data type.
  • Under projects, create a new map 
    • Drag and drop file and db data stores and wire or map all the fields
    • Go to physical and select LKM as LKM file to SQL and IKM as IKM Oracle control append or insert.
    • Save and run with global context. Go to operator tab and check the session 
    • Also verify from db table.

Steps with screenshots:

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