Monday, February 7, 2022

ODI - IKM Oracle Incremental Update Vs IKM SQL Control Append

Yes for bulk/large load ODI recommends to use Control append. The basic functionally of Control append is the do a Insert into the target table by selecting from the source table/file. You can't do row by row checking in this KM.

Incremental Update : Based upon the PK defined in the target data store, this KM will check row by row and do insert/update (will capture changed data).

Control Append : Blindly do a bulk insert in to target table and no changed data will be captured. It wont do truncate and insert whereas to aviod duplicates in data, have a PK defined in target table so whenever duplicate data comes it can be prevented or go for CKMs. And temp table will be Created and Dropped after every load in both the KMs.

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