Thursday, February 24, 2022

OIC | Migration of integration from one environment to another | Single integration Migration | Multiple Integration Migration

We can migrate Integrations from one OIC instance to another in following two ways:

  1. Single Integration Migration: Export the integration from current instance and import it to new OIC instance.
  2. Multiple Integration Migration: Using Package, we can group related multiple integrations and migrate them in a single go.

Steps in details:

Single Integration Migration:

Login to OIC Instance >> Left Navigation pane >> Home >> Integrations >> Integrations

Select your integration which to be migrated. Click on Menu >> Export

Prompt showing downloading the integration.

Downloaded .iar file

Login to another instance and select import

Choose the imported .iar file.

Click on Import and Configure.

Now the integration imported. Here we can configure the integration connection, lookups, libraries, certificates etc. A d then click on "<" to come out of the window.

Activate the Integration.

Migration of Single integration completed.

Multiple Integration or Package Migration:

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