Wednesday, September 1, 2021

OIC - Fault Handling in OIC in details

UseCase Details: Here, we will capture the exception details from sub integration using scope default handler and sends them as response to the main integration and then from the main integration where if it finds the exception, it will throw new fault to scope handler and then it logs the exception and rethrow the fault to global scope where it will send mail notification to the customer.


Sub Integrations:

  • OIC_GetFiles_FTP : Take file name and file path as input and provide the file in base64 format and Exception details(ExceptionCode, ExceptionReason and ExceptionDetails) 
  • Generic_MailNotification: used send mails.

Main service:

  • SD_InboudErrorHandling.

Implementation steps:

Step1: OIC_GetFiles_FTP flow in bodyScope where it downloads the file from a FTP location based on file name and file path and then map the file as a response. 

Step2: In the bodysope default handler, added a map to add the bodyscope faulit details to response.

Step3: From main Integration, it calls the OIC_GetFiles and then checks if there is any exception. If exception exists, then it throws a new fault to bodyscope.

This is the exception condition used:

Switch and throw new fault block

Throw New Fault

Step4: Open the scope default handler

Step5: add the log the fault in a file or others and then rethrow the fault to Global fault.

Use Integrarion Metadata and Bodyscope fault details for enrichment

Step6: In the global fault, call the mail notification or call the incident creation service etc.

Logged fault in files:

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