Wednesday, September 29, 2021

ODI - Static vs Flow control

 Flow control:

  • Flow control checks or validates the data in the incoming floe before it gets integrated into a target table.
  • Check control knowledge module(CKM) will create E$ and SNP_CHECK_TAB tables foe data quality check.
  • It will validate data in I$ table before inserting data into target table. If it has any errors then it will delete from I$ and insert into E$ and common erroe message and interface name into SNP_CHECK_TAB.

Static control:

  • Static control checks or validates constraints on the target data store adter integration.
  • CKM will validate data on Target table and if any error is detected then it will be inserted to E$ and SNP_CHECK_TAB. But incorrext data entry will not be deleted as in flow control.

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