Saturday, September 11, 2021

ODI - How to add Data servers and schemas in the Topology

Physical Topology:

Add Data Server:

First choose one technology for example oracle and right click and add new data server

Provide data server details like

  • Definitions: Name, User , Password
  • JDBC: JDBC driver and URL

and test connection.

Add Physical schema:

Suppose you have created data server name as Test and then right click on test and create new physical schema and add the schema name and save. 

Logical Topology:

Create a new logical schema and provide context values with the required physical schemas

4 context environments are available:

  • development
  • Global
  • Production
  • Test

Now go  to the Physical schema of Oracle technology, you will see that all the context values are mapped with the logical schemas.

With screenshots:

Designer Tab = Model:

Go to the designer tab and create new object and new  model

provide definition , reverse engineering details

selective reverse engineering etc. to import all the tables.

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