Monday, September 27, 2021

ODI - Distinct component

A distinct is a projector component that projects a subset of attributes in the flow. The values of each row have to be unique; the behavior follows the rules of the SQL DISTINCT clause.


To select distinct rows from a source datastore:

Drag and drop a Distinct component from the component palette into the logical diagram.

Connect the preceding component to the Distinct component by dragging a line from the preceding component to the Distinct component.

The Attribute Mapping Dialog will appear: select Create Attributes On Target to create all of the attributes in the Distinct component. Alternatively, you can manually map attributes as desired using the Attributes tab in the property inspector.

The distinct component will now filter all rows that have all projected attributes matching.

You can also change the distinct name in the general section of the logical tab.

Provide IKM as IKM SQL Control Append

Choose IKM flow control as False.

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