Tuesday, August 24, 2021

OIC - Using Stage file to encrypt and decrypt files.

Use Case: Here, We will download a csv file using FTP connection and encrypt the file using Stage action and then write the file using FTP connection and then read the encrypted the file using FTP connection and decrypt the file using Stage and write again to file location using FTP.

Implementation steps:

Step1: First We must have imported the PGP private and public keys to settings certificates.


Step2: Download the file using FTP connection.

Step3: Encrypt the file using PGP public key using Stage. Provide folllwing details:

File reference : Downloaded file response ref
File Name: Any name of the encrypted file.
Output Directory: logical directory like /writeEncrypt
PGP key to encrypt: public key

Step4: Write the file to a location and map the stage encrypted response file ref to write file reference.

Step5: Read the file using FTP connection.

Step6: Drag and drop a Stage and decrypt the file. Provide the following details:

File Reference: Read file reference
File Name: any name for decryption.
Output Directory: logical one like /writeDecrypt
PGP key to decrypt: private key

Step7: Write the file using FTP and map the decrypted file response reference to write file reference.

The Integration flow will look like below:

Source CSV file/Decrypted file:

Encrypted file:

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