Monday, August 30, 2021

OIC - send Binary object as rest response

UseCase: Here, we will send .JPG object as input using rest trigger and fetch the file using FTP protocol and send as Rest binary response.

Note: we can also choose document, text or png type or other media types.

Implementations steps:

Step1: Take a rest trigger and configure. 

Verb: Get.

Add and review parameters for this endpoint checked

Configure this endpoint to trceive the response checked

Step2: Add Query paramter as Object Name

Step3: select the response payload format as Binary and choose media type as per requirement. Here, i take image/jpeg. 

Step4: Download the file using FTP and map the input object name.

Step5: Add the download response (file reference) to rest response stream reference.

The Integration looks as below:

Open the endpoint url with object name in the browser.

You can see the object in the browser.

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