Tuesday, August 3, 2021

OIC - 1Z0-1042-21 - topics to be covered for Certification

Collected from Oracle site:

Exam topics:

Getting Started with Oracle Cloud Application Integration

  • Describe the key features & components of Application Integration
  • Explain Application Integration concepts
  • Describe Application Integration Architecture
  • Explain WSDL, XML/SOAP, WS, and REST/JSON functionality

Working with Integrations in Oracle Integration Cloud

  • Understand OIC components, features, and capabilities
  • Create and configure connections (Adapter, Trigger, Invoke)
  • Create Integrations (App Driven and Scheduled Orchestrations)
  • Map data using Lookups and the Data Mapper
  • Explain On-Prem connectivity agents (architecture, capabilities and scheduling)
  • Explore Oracle Integration Cloud best practices
  • Understand file handling options, features and capabilities
  • Leverage orchestration action, scopes and fault handling
  • (New)Explore File Server use cases
  • (New)Develop B2B Flows in Oracle Integration (Inbound & Outbound EDI documents; Using the B2B Action)

Working with Service-Oriented Architecture Cloud Service (SOACS)

  • Describe Concepts of Service orchestration, Adapters, Routing, and Security Policy
  • Perform administration and application lifecycle tasks using SOACS user interfaces
  • Build and deploy composite applications to Oracle SOA Cloud
  • Understand Oracle Managed File Transfer on OCI
Working with API Platform Cloud Service

  • Manage Users (user management concepts and personas, create users and groups, assign roles to users and groups)
  • Manage Gateways (install and configure gateway nodes, issue gateway grants, configure OAuth 2.0 Providers)
  • Manage APIs (implement an API, deploy to a gateway, add documentation, publish to the Developer Portal, issue API grants, apply policies)
  • Manage Services and Service Accounts
  • Use the Developer Portal (discover and register to APIs)

Working with Processes in Oracle Integration Cloud

  • Develop Business Processes; Integrate with Applications and Services
  • Create Human Tasks and Web Forms
  • Manage Application Data
  • Create Decisions

(New)Working with Integration Insight in Oracle Integration Cloud

  • (New)Work with Insight models (creating, activating & deactivating, exporting & importing, deleting & purging)
  • (New)Map milestones and analyze business 

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  1. Could you please help and suggest the necessary preparation to be done to clear oic-1z0-1042-21 certification.


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