Friday, August 27, 2021

OIC - Business identifiers

  • Business Identifiers helps to track the messages from monitoring dashboard very easily. 
  • Suppose you are subscribing an event - supplier details from ERP and you want to track the meseages based on the unique supplier id or POid that you can achieve using this feature.
  • Without enabling the tracking or business fields, you can not activate the integration.
  • Max 3 identifiers can be assigned during design time. 
    • One is primary identifier. 
    • Others two are secondary or business identifiers.
  • One error sign will be showing in the integration untill you add the tracking fields.

Add tracking and monitor:

Step1: Whether you have a soap or rest triggerd service, go to the actions and tracking and add the 3 fields, Here i added empid as primary and ename and dept fields as secondary fields.

Step2: Go to the monitoring and integrations. Empid will be added as primary identifier and ename and dept will be added in the business identifiers

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