Thursday, August 5, 2021

OIC - How to schedule an integration using iCal expression

Use case:

Here, we will shedule an integration for every 5 minutes interval of time using iCal exp.

Implementation steps:

Step1: choose the scheduled integration and click on actions and select Add schedule.

Step2: select iCal option and privide the below iCal expression to schedule for every 5 mintues interval of time.


Click validate epression and save

Step3: start the shedule

Step4: now it will show all the future runs for every 5 mintues interval.

Few of the complex iCal exp:

Shedule every 3 years on May 2nd and 7th:


Schedule each month on the 1st,5th and 10th days of the month at 5:30AM, 10:30AM , 3:30PM


We can also define multiple schedule frequencies using & sign.

Schedule every day 8 am and 8 pm



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