Thursday, August 11, 2022

OIC - get ESS job status of the child process of the import job

Here, I will show you how to get child process id of the Import process and then to get the the ESS job status of the child process once the import job completed and you have the ess import request id.


we will create a loop and check the ess job status using the import request id whether the ess import job is successful or not(at each loop it will wait 59 sec). 

Follow the below steps:

Step1: Get the Child Process id calling BI report.

Step2: Take an assign with the following variables:

I_inProgress : "true"

I_childRequestStatus : ""

I_childRequestID: decodebase64(reportBytes) << from BI report response

Step3: take a while activity and add the following condition.

$I_inProgress = "true"

Step4: Take a wait activity and assign some time to complete the child process lika value 59sec.

Step5: Drag and drop Erp cloud adapter and configure following:

Provide a name: essJobStatus

Select Query, Create, Update or delete information.

Select service: ErpIntegrationService

Operation: getESSJobStatus

Step6: Map the child request id to request id of the getEssJobstatus.

Step7: Take a assign named like updateProgress and do the following:

I_inProgress : returnStatus(result of getESSJobStatusResponse)

I_childRequestStatus: result of getESSJobStatusResponse.

Click here how to convert the status to boolean value:


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