Tuesday, January 18, 2022

OIC - ERP - How to get the child process id from import request id using OTBI report

What: To show how to get child process id from process request id.

How: Highlevel:

  • Create a BI report using SQL query 
  • Call it from OIC using soap connection
  • Check it from ERP schedule processes

Step1: create BI report

Sql query to use in data model:

See the below blogs:.

How to create data model and test sql:


How to create BI reports:


 How to create eText based BI report:


How to invoke erp Bi report:



Create a conneection using ExternalReportWSSServices wsdl

In the Integration, Invoke the connection and operarion as runreport and map as following:

  • Provide name values pair as Name: P_REQUEST_ID & value: importRequestID
  • provide report absolute path
  • SizeofDatachunkDownload as -1

Step3: We can see the processes status from ERP Schedule process : 

Import accounting Trasactions is the import req id: 1720657

Child process : Create Accounting for Data Set : 1720660

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