Tuesday, January 18, 2022

OIC -ERP - How to test sql query in OTBI data model

What: Here I will show you how we can test ERP OTBI sql query from data model:

Why: Suppose we have an OTBI report which we are invoking from OIC to get some details. Sometimes it gets failed and showing BI report db sql query related issue. For that issue triage, we need to test the data set sql query behind the BI report. Most of the cases, its a big query so we can break the sql into small executable module and test in data model.

How: Steps:

Step1: Navigate to Menu 》 Tools 》 Reports and Analytics 

Step2: Browse Catalog

Step3: shared folders 》 Custom 》 GO to the path and select desired folder.

 Step4: Edit the report 

Step5: click on the data model.

Step6: Hit on the + sign button to create a Dataset for SQL Query

Step7: Provide the sql query to test and press ok.

This will create the dataset. 

Step8: Click on data tab and view

It will show the tested query result.

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