Tuesday, January 4, 2022

ODI 12c - Scheduled jobs and load plans executed twice by agent after instance restart

This issue occurs for the following reasons:

  • The instance was restarted without the agent being stopped first.
  • The agentodi.service is active even after the management service was moved to the multi-app Jetty service manageappsodi.service. since the agentodi.service is active , it is causing a second agent to start resulting in schedule duplication .


When the agent is stopped gracefully, this issue is not observed in ODI on Marketplace version or higher.

Ensure to always stop the agent gracefully anytime before restarting the instance.

Disable the agentodi.service

Log in to the compute VM instance using the opc user using putty or from command line:.

ssh -i <private key> opc@<ipaddress>

Issue the following commands for disabling the agentodi.service:

sudo systemctl disable agentodi.service

sudo systemctl daemon-reload

Reboot the instance and test the scheduler behavior.

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