Tuesday, January 4, 2022

ODI 12c - Stop and Start ODI Instance from OCI console

Here, We will see how to Stop and start ODI server instance on OCI


Step1: Login to OCI console with the account 

Step2: After login, click on Hamburger and navigate to instances

Step3: Select the appropriate compartment

Step4: It will show all the available instances. Select the instance to restart.

Step5: Use Stop button to stop the instance and Once status says "Stopped" we can restart using "Start" button.

Use below useful commands whenever needed:

"systemctl status agentodi.service" -- To check if its disablwd or not.

"sudo systemctl daemon-reload" 

Path of ODI studio: /u01/oracle/mwh/odi/studio

To restart odi normally "./odi.sh"

To restart odi in clean way "./odi.sh -clean -initialize"

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