Tuesday, May 11, 2021

OIC - How to create BI report in Oracle ERP

Following 2 steps to perform:

  • Create custom data models
  • Create the Report based on the data model.

Create custom data models:

Log in to Oracle Fusion Application.

At the very first time, creating a “Data model” and “Reports” follow the below steps.

Step1: Go to “Reports and Analysis”. -> Navigation: Navigator -> Reports and Analysis. And then Click the Browser Catalog Icon to Open BI Catalog to Get the BI Publisher.

To Create

  1. To Create a new BI Publisher Data Model, Let’s Select New from the toolbar. >> And then the Data Model. 
  2. From new Data Set dropdown List, Select SQL Query Name the New Data set as Invoice_id, and Select the Appropriate Data source. Let’s build the query based on the Subject area tables and Not on the Physical Tables. Paste the Applications SQL Query to Defines application names, each mapped to a unique auto-generated ID, for users and roles. Then Click OK After Selecting OK, Columns from the Query are Displayed.
  3. Navigate to Data Tab. Click to View, A sample set of Data is Shown. We can Able to save this dataset as sample data.
  4. We can able to Save the Data Model in a custom folder so that our custom data models and reports will be preserved during upgrades. Click to Save Icon. Saved in POC folder as "Generate_invoice_id"

Create BI Publish Reports:

Now Let’s Create the BI Publish Report, Based on the newly created Data Model. The Data Model is Already Selected. Click to Next.

  1. Choose the table layout and include all data columns for the report.
  2. Drag Fields from the Data Source to Create the Table.
  3. We can able to Customize the Report. Now Select the View Report and Click to Finish. After Finishing, Select the Path to Save the Report. After Saving, the Created Report will show.

We can also able to Export the Report to Corresponding formats.

Detailed screenshots:

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