Sunday, May 2, 2021

OIC to ERP Import Technique 2 - importBulkData using ErpIntegrationService and Oracle Erp Cloud Adpapter

Usecase: Here, we will create a reusable integration which will import the base64 encoded zip file to Oracle ERP using erpIntegrationService and importBulkData operation.

High level steps:

  1. Create an OIC_Encrypt_Import appdriven Orchestration integration
  2. Create assign required Variables
  3. Encrypt file
  4. Update job options for callback
  5. Bulk Data Import
Detailed steps:

Step1: Create an OIC_Encrypt_Import appdriven Orchestration and configure rest request and response.

Relative resource URI: /
Verb: POST

Request Json:
"base64FileReference": "ref",
"filename": "name",
"documentTitle": "title",
"documentAccount": "account",
"encryptMethod": "PGPUNSIGNED",
"fusionDecryptKeyAlias": "key",
"jobName": "name",


Test Payload:


  "jobName": "/oracle/apps/ess/financials/payables/invoices/transactions,APXIIMPT",

  "fileName": "",

  "base64FileReference": "ref",

  "documentAccount": "fin$/payables$/import$",

  "encryptMethod": "PGPUNSIGNED",

  "callbackFlag": "Y",

"jobParameters":"#NULL,Business unit id,N,#NULL,#NULL,#NULL,1000,Source name,#NULL,N,N,ledger id,#NULL,1",

  "encryptFlag": "Y",

  "documentTitle": "AP Invoice Encrypted File",

  "notifyServiceAccount": "Y",

  "fusionDecryptKeyAlias": "Test_KEY"


Step2: Create assign required Variables:

varContent: decodeBase64ToReference(FileReference)
varEncryptOption: ""
varJobOptions: ""

Step3: Encrypt file:

If encryptFlag = Y then
Take a stage and encrypt:

Choose operation: encrypt file
>>Specify file reference $varContent
>>Specify the file name
>>specify the output directory /output
>>Specify the PGP key to encrypt Test_key.

Update Variables:
varContent: encodeReferenceToBase64(FileReference)
varEncryptOption: concat("FileEncryption=", encryptMethod,",FA_ALIAS=",fusionDecryptKeyAlias,",CUSTOMER_ALIAS=",fusionDecryptKeyAlias)

varContent: encodeReferenceToBase64($varContent)

Step4: Update job options for callback:

If callBackFlag !=N

varJobOptions: concat("EnableEvent=Y,", $varEncryptOption)

varJobOptions: $varEncryptOption

Step5: Bulk data import
Configure Oracle ERP Cloud Endpoint >>Select Query create , update or delete information>>Browse by services, Select ERPIntegrationService ,,importBulkData operation>>Done

Content: $I_content(base64 encoded)
FileNname: From rest request
Content Type : zip
Document Title: from rest
DocumentSecurityGroup: 'FAFusionImportExport'
documentAccount: from rest

job details:
jobname: from rest
parameterlist: jobParameters

NotificationCode: 10 (if notifyServiceAccount =Y)
callBackURL: #NULL
jobOptions: I_jobOptions

Detailed Screenshots:

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