Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Create a process application using Quick Start App | Process Cloud Service

Usecase: Here, we will do the following items:

  • Create a Travel approval process application using Quick start app.
  • Customize the QuickStart app
  • Test activate the QuickStart App
  • Try in Test mode
  • Activate the QuickStart App

Implementation steps with snaps:

Create from a QuickStart App

Home Page >> Processes >> Process Applications >> Create >> start with a Quickstart App.

Create Button for the Travel Approval

Go to Configure and customize as required.

Go to Test and activate

Try in test mode

Scenario 1: test for approve travel

Scenario 2: Test for Resubmit Travel request with additional details.

Exit testing mode.

We can switch to application view and see the flow activities of the process, also customize it.

Activate your process.

That's it, we have created a process application successfully using Quickstart App.

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