Thursday, August 25, 2022

OIC - Get object from OCI object storage using OIC | Oracle Integration Cloud

Usecase: Here, we will create an object storage rest connection and using that connection, we will create an app driven integration, configure rest call to object storage and get the file from object storage.

Implementation Steps:

Step1: Create Rest connection.

Oracle home >> Integrations >> Connections >> Create >> Rest 

Provide rest API base URL

Select Securtiy as OCI Signature version 1

Provide Tenancy OCID, user OCID, private ley and fingerprint.

Test and save.

Step2: Create an app driven integration 

Integration flow:

Configure Rest input as object name and output as Binary

Call the rest connection to get the file or object from object storage

URI: /n/{namespaceName}/b/{bucketName}/o/{objectName}
Verb: GET
Configure Request Payload as Binary Format

Map the bucket name, object name and namespace.

Map the object storage response file reference to rest response.


How to create a OCI object storage bucket, how to get Tenancy OCID, User OCID, API private RSA key and finger print and Namespace, everything mentioned in the previous blog. Pleae check below link.

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