Friday, June 5, 2020

Service orchestration vs Service Choreography

Service orchestration
  • Service orchestration represents a single centralized executable business process (the orchestrator) that coordinates the interaction among different services. The orchestrator is responsible for invoking and combining the services.
  • The relationship between all the participating services are described by a single endpoint (i.e., the composite service). The orchestration includes the management of transactions between individual services. Orchestration employs a centralized approach for service composition. 
  • WS-BPEL specification is an example. WS-BPEL is a language for defining processes that can be executed on an orchestration engine such as WSO2 BPS.

Service Choreography
  • Service choreography is a global description of the participating services, which is defined by exchange of messages, rules of interaction and agreements between two or more endpoints. Choreography employs a decentralized approach for service composition.

The choreography describes the interactions between multiple services, where as orchestration represents control from one party's perspective. This means that a choreography differs from an orchestration with respect to where the logic that controls the interactions between the services involved should reside.

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