Monday, June 29, 2020

12c SOA - BPEL - Exposed service issue - Showing multiple services or operations including the external called service.

Problem description:
Suppose we have a SOA BPEL service named "LoginTrackingService" which calls an external service named "ABCD" and gets the result and exposes the results. When we are trying to test from em console or open the WSDL in browser . We can see that this service exposes multiple operations and multiple services . In this case, It shows 2 services/operations. one for this BPEL service exposed and 2nd for the called external service but it should have the one exposed service or operation.

This is generally happened due to the design mistakes. When we create a BPEL exposed service . It has a exposed WSDL and when we call the external service . It also has a WSDL. This external WSDL reference somehow gets included in the exposed WSDL file. We have to open the exposed WSDL and delete the external WSDL reference from this.

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