Wednesday, June 24, 2020

12c SOA -DB Adapter singleton property in High Availability Environment

Problem Description:
There was a problem which one can face in high availability environment (clustered) . The clustered nodes are start polling the data in Parallel mode which leads to poll the same data by all the nodes. Here it is 2 nodes clustered system. so it polls 2 copies of the same data(2 instances with same flow ids).

We need to use singleton property in our pooling component / DB Adapter. To enable this feature for high availability environment for a given inbound adapter endpoint, one must add the singleton JCA service binding property in the composite.xml within the <binding.jca> element and set it to a value of true.

Singleton Property in composite.xml
    <binding.jca config="bindin_file.jca">
        <property name="singleton">true</property>

Now we can see it's polling only one copy of the data.


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