Friday, December 9, 2022

ERP - BI Roles and Configurations

BI Roles & Configuration:

The user should have BI abstract role, attached with "Manage reports & analytics function security policy" priviledge and BI administration role. 

To configure follow below steps:

Navigator >> Tools >> Security console

Create a Role like XXDEMO_BI_ROLE where role category as BI - Abstract Roles.

Add function security policy as Manage Reports & Anlytics.

Add role membership to BI admin.

Add user to the created role.

Verify whether the user has assigned all the roles.
Users >> search user

To synchronizes users, roles and role grants with definitions in LDAP.

Navigator >> Tools >> Scheduled Processes

Schedule New process

Search Retrive Latest LDAP Changes.


We can see the job is running and will succeed and some time.

Now we are ready to create  or manage BI reports.

To create report;
Navigation to BI reports:

Navigator >> Tools >> Reports & Analytics >> Browse Catalog

Here we can see 2 folders:

My Folders: Reports for a particular user, is kept and not visible to any other user.

Shared folders: reports saved in this folder, will be visible to all users having accesa to Reports and Analytics.

Following roles need to show data model under Reports & Analytics:

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