Tuesday, March 29, 2022

VBCS - Overview


  • Oracle Visual Builder is a cloud based software development Platform as a Service (PaaS) and a hosted environement for our development infrastructure.
  • Oracle Visual is a visual and declarative cloud environment for developing and hosting web, mobile and progress web application in minutes from your browser.
  • Oracle VBCS allows to access data from any REST, SOAP based API and allows to create custom reusable business objects to store and manage data.
  • Without the need of any software, VBCS allows to develop and test the responsive web application and native mobile applications.
  • The visual designer allows us to quickly create a web and mobile application by dragging and dropping the rich UI components. - all based on the open source Oracle Javascript Extension Toolkit(JET).
  • Oracle Visual builder comes with a built in database that is used to stote data for your business objects( and your apps meta data too). That db is limited to 5GB in size and also does not enable to access the data in the objects using regular SQL. Luckily we can point VB to use another oracle cloud db including the new Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing(ATP) database which will give you more space and direct SQL access to thr objects vb creates. With ATP, We will get 20GB of storage free.

Business Object:

  • A business object is just a resource for example, en employee or address. It has fields to hold the data for your application. A business object is like database table. In fact, business objects are stored in a database.
  • The web application accessess the business objects through their rest endpoints.

Data Manager:

  • Data Manager allows us to manage the data stored in our application during dev, staging and live phases.
  • Tool to help you migrate data between our databases and to import and export data.

Other tools:

  • Publishing tools for staging and publishing the applications.
  • Advanced tools for configuring role bases security and user access management.
  • Collaboration tools for sharing application resources between team members.
  • Robust tools gor describing requests and responses to Oracle SaaS rest services in the integrated catalog.

Visual Builder benefits:

  • Zero software, browser based.
  • Drag and drop Rich in components development.
  • Custom coding for complex functionalities
  • Fast to developement and Market
  • Seamless integration with Oracle  integrarions and process cloud.
  • Access anywhere.
  • Development and hosting platform.
  • Easy access of data


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