Saturday, March 5, 2022

OIC Retention period | Impact of increasing the retention period | Standard and Warning settings

This feature control how oracle integration retains your historical data. Runtime instance data is purged to free up space for the newer data. 

The default rentention period is 3 days.

What are the impacts of increasing the retention period if the default 3 days are not enough? 

Following 3 ways we can do the retention settings:
  • Standard
  • Warning(Low Space) 
  • Manual purge
We can adjust the Database retention period for the "Standard Setting" to a higher number (for example, 7 or 10 days), based on your retention requirements. Every day at midnight, data older than this retention period is purged.

Warning(Low Space):
If the database space reaches a warning state, more aggressive settings are used. These settings are configured under "Warning (Low Space) Settings." It is recommended to set the "Warning Settings" lower than "Standard settings". Also, you may want to consider setting the "Keep Faulted Instances" to a higher number of days than the timeframe to retain "Successful Instances".

As for the impact to changing the settings, you will need to monitor your instance to make sure that you are not frequently hitting Warning or Critical states. You can monitor the Data Retention status in the same "Retention Settings" page. If you have Critical Health Alerts configured, you will receive an email notification if the database space reaches a critical state.

Manual Purge:
If the database space reaches a critical state, the system rejects incoming requests and stops all integrations and processes from running until more space becomes available. In these cases, you will need to perform a manual purge.

Steps to configure rentention settings:
Here , we have kept rentention period 30 days for standard , 90 days for Insight . For warning, its 10 days retention.


Data Retention


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