Saturday, March 5, 2022

OIC Gen 1 vs Gen 2 | Benefits of OIC Generation 2

Gen1 vs Gen2:

In Oracle Cloud terminology, "Classic" refers to the generation 1 cloud. OCI refers to generation 2 cloud which introduced Bare metal and off-box virtualization.

Oracle Strongly encourages cuatomers ro migrate their existing cloud resources from OCI compute classic regions to OCI GEN2.

OCI is a second generation cloud that provides a better than ever foundation for AI. It offers :

  • MULTIPLE layers of  Security for users, data and infrastructures and the oracle autonomous database.
  • Lower Compute costs
  • Manage new high performance workloads.
  • Application development
  • Integration of Oracle and Non oracle apps(both on-prem and in the cloud).

Some Benefits of OIC Generation 2:

Natively integrated with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console Simplifies creating and managing user accounts, permissions, and Oracle Integration instances

Integration InsightIntegration Insight in Oracle Integration dramatically simplifies the process of modeling and extracting meaningful business metrics, allowing business executives to understand, monitor, and react quickly to changing demands

File ServerFile Server provides an embedded SFTP server within Oracle Integration, enabling organizations to focus on building integrations without needing to host and maintain a separate SFTP server

Support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Compartments : Organize your Oracle Integration instances into OCI compartments (for example, separate dev, test and production compartments). This lets you separate access to instance creation and control instance level management by department.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management (IAM)

 Provides a rich permission model that gives Oracle Integration users fine-grained access to Oracle Integration instances—for example, manage (create, edit, move, …) or view only.

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