Saturday, August 24, 2019

OSB - Enable/Disable proxy service

If you are using an OSB Proxy Service for polling and want to enable/disable the service, you can easily do carrying out the below steps.

11g Steps:
  1. Login to sbconsole. http://hostname:port/sbconsole
  2. Select the Proxy service
  3. Click on 'Operational Settings' tab
  4. Create session, uncheck the checkbox to disable state.
  5. Activate your changes.

12c Steps:
  1. Login to the OSB domain EM console.http://hostname:port/em
  2. On the left Navigation tab, under SOA click on the service-bus
  3. On the service-bus page click on 'Operations' tab.
  4. Search for the Proxy service
  5. Uncheck the box under State column
  6. Apply
  7. Test

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  1. Thanks for sharing useful information on how to Enable/Disable proxy service and steps to do so. Here you can get complete proxy service. Thanks for sharing helpful information


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