Saturday, August 24, 2019

Oracle SOA 12c Features

Oracle has released SOA Suite 12c and lots of new features are introduced in this release.

List of some of the new features:

Single Installer: Oracle Suite 12c comes as single installer for developers that means you only need to install only one setup (SOA Suite 12c), DB/Weblogic/SOA will get installed. Oracle SOA 12c use Java Derby database, which is file based and that makes it really fast.

Single IDE:
In Oracle SOA 12c Jdeveloper is used as IDE for all designs. For OSB development we don't need to use different IDE (Eclipse) anymore, we can develop OSB application in Jdeveloper itself.

Debugger and refactoring: These are new features in Oracle SOA 12c, debugger and refactoring are introduced to debug and refactor SOA and OSB applications. With the help of debugger we can debug our code before deploying it; this saves lot of development efforts. We can also change message text while debugging it.

Dependency Explorer: This allows to "visualize" the dependencies between various SOA composites as well as Service Bus projects which typically consist of fair number of artifacts that hang together in ways that are sometimes not so easy to track down. It will leverage all its built in knowledge about potential dependencies and it will visualize these dependencies

Graphical MDS: In Oracle SOA 12c graphical tool is provided to publish, search and consume files from MDS and OER.

SOA Templates: With the introduction of templates sharing of code between teams become earlier and development efforts reduced. There are three types of templates introduced.

Project Template
Component Template
Custom Activity Template

BPEL Sub-process: Sub-process is introduced in this launch which helps to reduce redundancy. Suppose we need to update database table 3 times in one flow so instead of add 3 different invoke to same BPEL, create sub-process which update the database table and use that sub-process 3 times in that BPEL. There are two types of sub-processes.

Standalone sub-process
Inline sub-process

Re-sequencing in OSB: In 11g this feature was available in Mediator, in Oracle SOA 12c this features added to service bus also, with the help of this feature we able to process the request message in proper sequence.

Adapter: Coherence, LDAP and cloud, REST, UMS, MFT qnd MSMQand Oracle adapter for SAP R/3 are introduced in this release.

Xquery Mapper: In this release Xquery mapper is introduced which provide XQuery support.

Enterprise Service Scheduler: ESS is out of box scheduler. By using this we can schedule the services.

Translate Activity:  
Translate activity is also introduced which is used for Native to XML and XML to Native transformation.

MDS support for OSB: In 11g version MDS support was not there for OSB but in 12c MDS support is provided for OSB.

File Based MDS:
In addition to the existing run-time Meta Data Services Repository, Oracle SOA Suite 12c adds a file-based SOA Design-Time MDS Repository for use during design time. The repository is automatically created when you create a SOA composite application and will typically point to the version control system location.

Encrypt/Decrypt Personally-Identifiable Information (PII): It assists in Protecting sensitive data from appearing in the Admin consoles in clear text.

For example a Social Security Number or Credit card Number. Specific Fields in a message can be encrypted when entering the SOA composite application in the service binding component, and decrypted while exiting the application in the reference binding component. It is available for services and adapters in both SOA (SCA Composite) and Service Bus. The PII policy is attached to the SCA Composite. The credentials/encryption to use is configured on WLS and is stored using the Credential Store framework (CSF).

Splitting Proxy from Pipeline:
Because a SB project is more like a SCA Composite (same overview) the Proxy is split from the Pipeline. This means that the Proxy and the Pipeline are two individual things. With this concept multiple Proxies can be wired to one Pipeline.

Enterprise Manager instead of SBConsole:
The Service Bus console has found a new home with the switch to JDeveloper. Most functionality is moved to the Enterprise manager.

Fault Policy Editor:
  1. Design and Edit Fault Policies.
  2. Besides the already existed functionality a lot of new features are added.
  • Graphical editor for creating Fault policies, Alerts, Actions & Property Sets.
  • New Default actions for invoking a WS and enqueue data (JMS).
  • Alerts can be defined to send fault to JMS, Email or Log file.
  • Alerts can be assigned to actions if type of Alert is desired to be triggered.
  • Fault Policies can be coupled, using the Composite Binding dialog, to different levels:
        reference binding
        service binding

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