Thursday, August 29, 2019

How to use Configuration file to customize OSB deployments

When we are deploying Oracle Service Bus projects to a new environment, we need to change some values such as Web Services endpoints, DB JNDI Names, AQ JNDI Names, LDAP JNDI Names etc. In order to achieve automated changes to your resources, Oracle suggests using Configuration Files which apply customization rules to them.

In order to create a Configuration,
File first we should deploy the project with the initial implantation, which typically contains some proxy, pipelines and business services. Then we log in to Service Bus console and navigate to Admin tab:

Click "Create Configuration File"

Select the projects where to use the customization

Press create button and it will create the following file:


We may edit those blocks with the desired values and execute the new configuration file from the service bus console by selecting the Execute Configuration File option mentioned above.

Take the session and click "Execute Configuration File" and upload the customized file and finish it.

If you need to change any configurations used in the pipeline, you need to manually modify the same from the pipeline. you can't change the pipeline configurations using the configuration files.

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