Thursday, June 29, 2023

OIC - Upload file to UCM using GenericSoapPort web service

Usecase: We will create a CSV file into stage and upload the base64 encoded file to UCM using GenericSoapPort webservice.

Request Payload format to upload to UCM:

<ns0:GenericRequest webKey="CS">
<ns0:Service  IdcService="CHECKIN_NEW">
<ns0:Field name="dDocTitle">test.csv</ns0:Field>
<ns0:Field name="dDocType">Document</ns0:Field>
<ns0:Field name="dSecurityGroup">FAFusionImportExport</ns0:Field>
<ns0:Field name="dDocAccount">fin$/payables$/importExport$</ns0:Field>
<ns0:File href="test.csv" name="primaryFile">

Note: we can also add dUser, dDocAuthor and other fields as required.

Detailed steps with Screenshots:

Create a soap connection with the below wsdl :


Integration flow:

Write a CSV file:

Call the SOAP adpater and configure:

Map the required details:

Go to UCM server and check the file:

We can also check the file from below navigation:

Login erp instance >> tools >>File import and export >> search with file name and account details:

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