Wednesday, June 14, 2023

OIC - Advantages using Oracle Integration Publish and Subscribe model

This pattern involves the publisher and the subscriber relying on a message broker, AES, that relays messages from the publisher to the subscribers. The host (publisher) publishes messages (events) with a set schema (event type) to a channel that subscribers can then sign up to (subscribe).

There are several advantages to using OIC Pub/Sub:

  1. It allows messages to move between different integrations without integrations being aware of each other. This means you can simplify a complicated synchronous integration to smaller asynchronous integrations. In other words, you can have loose coupling between your integrations to make them more maintainable.
  2. It provides fast and scalable expansion. You can easily add additional subscribers to an existing Pub/Sub pattern, without any concerns about interrupting the existing event flow from publishers to subscribers.
  3. It allows for fast and real-time integrations of dispersed systems. Events are made available to multiple integrations for consumption, allowing applications across your organization to simultaneously receive relevant payload.

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