Thursday, December 16, 2021

OIC -OOTB Error handling in easy steps

 Fault handlers:

  • Scope level
  • Global fault

Scope level:

Scope level fault handles are used to handle errors that arise during the invoke actions within those scopes. It handles the faults following 2 ways:

Implicit/specific fault handlers:

Depending on the type of invokes we used like Database, soap, ERP and etc. there will be a set of specific faults provided in the OIC in the scope level. It is like specific catch block. Each implicit fault handler will handle specific type of faults like APIAccessErrorFault, ServerErrorFault, UnexpectedErrorFault etc.

Default/Generic fault handler:

A default fault handler is generated for every scope which acts like a catch all block for that scope. Any error that is not handled by one of the specific or implict fault handlers will be handled by the default fault handler.

Global fault handler:

Global fault handler is available at the overall integration flow level which acts as a super catch block. Any errors unhandled at the inner scopes or errors encounterd in non-scope blocks will be bubble up to this Global fault handler.


  1. If you dont want to define or configure any implicit fault handler then define the default fault handler as that acts like a catch all.
  2. If you dont use any fault handler, it will go to default handler called error hospital and the instance will be marked as failed.
  3. Some cases, we can catch the error defining the fault handler and send the error details to the caller / mail integration and marked the called sub integration as completed.

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