Tuesday, December 7, 2021

OIC - How to modify XSLT for complex logic externally using Jdeveloper tool

Sometimes we may need to do some complex map logic which sometime not possible in OIC itself. In that case, we can add the complex logic externally using Jdeveloper tool and import back to OIC.

Steps in Brief:

  1. Export the OIC .iar file
  2. Open Jdev and import the .iar file as service bus resources
  3. After import, open the XSLT map and add your logic and test accordingly.
  4. Import the modified XSLT file back to OIC.

Implementation steps:

Export the OIC Integration

Import from Jdev

Choose "Service Bus Resources" option

Select "Zipped /Archived resources

After import, modify the map

Deactivate OIC integration and edit and select mapper activity and select More options

Select Import

Select the updated XSLT

After import , save , activate and test

See the updated logic is working as expected.

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