Wednesday, December 18, 2019

OIC - Scheduled Orchestration part 2 | download zip file and list all files and write them using FTP adapter

Here I will show the following:
  • Download a .zip file from a remote directory using FTP adapter
  • Listing all files using Stage action
  • Using a ForEach action and FTP adapter, each .txt file will be written to a remote directory.
Select Scheduled Orchestration style
Provide Name, description and package if any.

Drag and drop FTP connection

Setup the download zip file steps.

Drag and drop Stage action

Do the the list files Setups

Drag and drop For Each action

Do the setup for each stage file

Within the for each, drag and drop FTP connection
Do the write file setups

Edit and mapping

Add the tracking instances.


Inbound .zip file
Submit now

It has successfully polled the zip file and written all the files in the Outbound directory.

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