Wednesday, November 27, 2019

OIC - Publish to OIC and Subscribe to OIC

Usecase: Here, I will show you how to publish a SOAP meesge to a OIC inbuilt JMS topic and then subscribe message from that topic.

Publish to OIC:
 Select Publish to OIC Style
 Provide Name and description
 Pulish canvas opened
 Drag and Drop the Trigger SOAP connection. Click here oic-soap-trigger-type-connection for steps.

Provide Endpoint Name and Function details.

Use the Tracking field

Publish to OIC is ready
Subscribe to OIC:
Select Subscribe to OIC Style
Provide Name and Description
Select the Publish integration.

Select the DB connection
Here I choose "Perform an Operation On a Table"
Select Table

Create a Map
Mapping done for each employee

Publish and Subscribe are ready. Just activate

Open the publish WSDL in SOAPUI
Add New basic Authorization


  1. The messages are pushed to JMS topic that means one published message can be subscribed by more than one subscriber.
  2. Suppose we have more than one subcriber and one or couple of subscribes are down, then if we publish any messgae that will be lossed permanently for those inactive subscribers. This is really a reliability concern while using a PUB SUB model in OIC.

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