Wednesday, November 6, 2019

12C OSB - Leverage work manager for throttling

Work Manager vs Throttling:

Work Manager with Proxy Service:
Work Manager configured on Proxy Service is used to limit the number of threads running a Proxy Services.
Work Manager with Business Service:
Work Manager configured on Proxy Service is used to limit the number of threads that process responses from the back-end system.

Throttling with Business Service:
  • Throttling configured on Business Service only limited loads (requests) to back-end services and to avoid overloading the back-end.
  • Throttling is used to restrict the message flow to a business service however work managers are used to prioritize service work. Eg: The WorkManager with MaxThreadsConstraint only limits the number of threads which can be used for example to limit the number of listening threads on a queue.
  • In case of throttling there is possibility of message loss however with work manager setup there is no such possibility.
Implementation steps:
Domain⇾Environment⇾Work Managers
Create new and create a minimum thread constraint.
Minimum thread constraint: Ensure that whatever may be the load in the server this minimum number of threads will be allocated to the service.

Give it a logical name and assign minimum thread. by default it is -1 which mean infinite.
Click next and point it to the server.
Create a work manager

Next point it to server and finish the wizard
You can now go to your work manager and select the constraint you have defined

 Save the changes.
Nowyou just need to attach this created work manager to the business process in OSB.
Open up the osb console⇾Go to your Proxy/business service⇾go to transport details and select the work manager that you have created in the previous steps.

Save the changes and reactivate your session.

For configuring work manager in SOA we do not much options. SOA Services uses a default work manager called as wm/SOAWorkManager.You can configure your own constraints and update the work managers to use the constraints.

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