Monday, October 21, 2019

12c SOA - how to create csf-key

Credential Store Framework (CSF) is used in OWSM to manage the secure credentials.
  • CSF provides a way to store, retrieve, and delete credentials for a Web service and other applications. For example, the oracle/wss_username_token_client_policy policy includes the csf-key property, with a default value of basic.credentials. This credential is stored in the CSF.
  • A password credential can store a username and password. A generic credential can store any credential object.Each credential is stored in the store using the alias and the key pair. The alias, called the map name, is a logical name that defines a group of various keys and one credential associated with that key. That is, the map name and the key name are combined to make a primary key in the store.
Typically the map name is the name of the application or component to make it easy to identify. By convention, Web services should use

EM console⇾SOA OSB domain⇾Security⇾Credentials
Create map⇾map name :
If map is already created or map creation done then Create Key ⇾
Provide the user and password for the key pii-csf-key.
csk key is ready to be used.

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