Thursday, October 3, 2019

12c SOA - Invoke get rest soa service from SOA composite using REST adapter

Here i will show you how to invoke get rest soa service from another SOA composite using REST adapter.In my previous post, i have created the following expose get rest service. In this blog, i will use this service WADL.
Service WADL:
Drag a rest adapter in the external references swim lane and provide Name, Type as Reference and checked the Reference will be invoked by components using WSDL interface option
 Click on Configuration shortcut plus sign to add the wadl service.
 Put the WADL in the selection and press enter key
 Parsing WADL
 It has parsed the WADL and fetched all the required resource path and operation details.
 Check for Localize external references.
 Rest adpater is ready to be invoked.
 Create a Synchronous BPEL
 Wire the rest adapter
 In the BPEL, Assign the input and output to/from to rest adpater.
 Test from em console.

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