Thursday, February 8, 2024

OIC ERP - How to select a Layout while invoking BI Report | use of attributeTemplate of ExternalReportWSSService

Usecase: Sometimes we have a requirement that we have a BI report with Multiple layouts like RTF, XML, CSV etc and we would like to select specific layout to generate the output.

In the below , we can see we have two layouts 

Solution steps:

Use layout name to attributeTemplate element to select the layout to generate report .

Sample payload:

<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:pub=""> 




 <pub:reportRequest> <pub:attributeTemplate>CONTROL</pub:attributeTemplate> <pub:reportAbsolutePath>/Custom/INTEGRATION/AP_Invoice_Import_Summary_Report.xdo</pub:reportAbsolutePath> <pub:sizeOfDataChunkDownload>-1</pub:sizeOfDataChunkDownload> </pub:reportRequest> 



If you want to use another layout, you can change the layout name in the payload.

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